When hiring a house cleaner, do not assume they’ll clean it simply because you ask. Although some companies have few restrictions on what items in the house or business they’ll clean, others have a plethora of things that are off-limits for the cleaning crew. Before hiring, ensure the work you need performed is not included on such a list. It’s a hassle to hire a cleaning company only to discover they cannot perform the services that you need. When hiringĀ san diego maids, make sure to know your needs.

Pest Extermination: House cleaners and pest exterminators are two separate job functions, so do not expect the cleaners to get rid of cockroaches, ants, mice, etc. You’ll need to phone another professional for such work.

Blind Cleaning: Cleaning the blinds might seem a simple task, but it is one that a number of house cleaning companies won’t touch. There are various reasons for the refusal to clean blinds, but you should always check to learn if the service is available if it is one you need.

TV/Computer Cleaning: The potential of scratches and streaks on these glasses make them fairly hard to clean without a great amount of risk, thus some professionals won’t begin the job. If this is a service that you need, you’ll need to ensure that you hire professionals who perform the work.

Jewelry: Jewelry is one of those off-limits items for most house cleaners. First, a jewelry cleaning isn’t cleaning the house. Second, the jewelry could be stolen. Third, it’s easy to make accusations of theft. And so, to avoid any potential risks, the house cleaner doesn’t clean jewelry in many instances. It is safe to say that you should take jewelry to the nearest jewelry store when it needs cleaning.

Window Cleaning: This is a job that is best left to another set of professionals with more skills than the house cleaner. So, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to find a house cleaning company who will clean the windows, but again, it isn’t always impossible. Be sure to inquire of this special service if it is something that you require.

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Restoration Cleaning: Restoration cleaning is yet another type of cleaning that a house cleaner avoids because it requires special skills they do not have. There are restoration cleaning specialists who have the know-how to clean your place after flood, fire, or other damage. Leave these tasks to those who know how to handle them best.

Although it is not impossible to find a house cleaner to perform the work listed above, it is essential that you ensure the work is performed before you hire since these tasks seem to be so taboo amongst many. This is only a partial list of services that a house cleaning company may not provide. Knowing your needs and the services offered from the house cleaner ahead of time is the easiest way to avoid any headache with this.