Isn’t it quite exciting? The days are being ticked off of your calendar and nervous excitement seems to grow stronger every day. It’s almost time for your firstborn to arrive. If you’re reading this about now, you’ll be one of the luckiest mothers alive. By the time your newborn baby arrives, he or she will be quite lucky too. Let us explain why as quickly as possible so that you can nip off and read a bit more about this innovative little naty 1.  

And when you’ve done your little bit of reading, you’ll know what to do next. It’s your mouse and button that’s eagerly waiting too, you see. The naty number one is an innovatively designed diaper that functions just as well as the conventional ones you may be familiar with already. But we’d venture to say that it’s a lot better than what’s passed before. For one thing, it’s now well known that your usual disposable diapers are one of the biggest threats to the natural environment.

After a number of years of research, a concerned woman and rather clever as well, started up her own environmentally friendly company. And so she and her team set off on their way to create a baby’s diaper that’s eco-friendly and biodegradable as well. In the process, and after a number of years of testing and re-testing, less and less biodegradable materials were used. And still further into the process, the manufacturers were able to achieve more than the desired comfort and quality of the diaper.

These new green diapers are one hundred percent chlorine free and they’re also one hundred percent free of genetically modified materials. The new diapers are not bleached, and they contain no latex or perfume. They contain no TBT either. TBT is a chemical substance known as tributyltin. All the new diapers are thus hypoallergenic. And that means no more baby rashes for crying babies. Oh, and one very important thing about these new, innovative, green and eco-friendly diapers. 

naty 1

No plastic is used, repeat, no plastic has been utilized during the manufacturing process of these diapers. There’s no plastic in the diapers by the time you wrap them around your baby’s bum. The usual plastic layering on the outside of the diapers has been replaced by a natural material produced directly from corn starch and cellulose fibers. And these materials breathe. A handy advantage is that they are waterproof as well.

The absorbent layer is made up of a chlorine free cellulose pulp which has superabsorbent grains. These absorbents have been sourced directly from sustainably forested Scandinavian wood. In keeping with sustainability, the high absorbent nature of these new nappies means that you don’t have to make nappy changes as often as usual. And that works nicely on your pocket as well. Just ask all those moms and dads who’ve suffering long enough with the fortunes they’ve had to spend on diaper packs so far.